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Seniors and Staff Visit Snowshoe

Seniors and staff from NRCA spent their Winter Break traveling to Snowshoe, West Virginia, for a few days of snowboarding, skiing, and enjoying the mountain village.

“It was just a great experience,” said senior Mykal Williams. “Just having fun, spending time with my friends—it was a relaxation time to get away from school and just have fun skiing and snowboarding.”

The group left Raleigh on Sunday and spent time on the slopes on Monday and again on Tuesday morning before heading home. Joseph Severs, a high school math teacher, and Josh Diamond, Athletic Director, joined the group of students snowboarding.

“I think [the ski trip] started as a way to supplement some things that got canceled in prior years. And I think it has turned into a bonding trip for some of the seniors and some of the staff,” Severs said. He explained that staff and students who don’t usually get to interact had the opportunity to hang out and get to know each other.

The ski trip is one of several senior activities on the schedule for this spring. On Tuesday, March 7, seniors had individual cap and gown pictures, and on April 4, they will gather for their official Class of 2023 photo in caps and gowns. Senior Banquet, Campout, Parade, Field Day, and Sunset lead to the optional Senior Trip to Italy in May. Interspersed with social activities are graduation events—awards, Baccalaureate, and the Commencement ceremony.

For seniors in the busiest time of their high school career, the ski trip allowed them to catch their breath. “It was a great time, you know, to take my mind off school and just have fun with my friends,” Williams said.

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