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NRCA’s choir program spans PreK through 12th grade, sparking a love for singing and performing and excitement for using our voices to worship God.  

Elementary Choirs 

Elementary choir students learn that God created music to enjoy in itself and also to worship and praise him. They learn basic music skills such as singing and moving together, active listening, and playing classroom instruments.  

During the year, all lower elementary students prepare and perform a stage musical that focuses on sharing biblical truths. This experience helps them begin to develop poise and stage presence, as well as learn the importance of sharing the gospel. Upper elementary students perform Christmas concerts, and fifth graders add a spring musical.

Lower Elementary  

  • PreK 

  • Kindergarten 

  • First Grade 

  • Second Grade 

  • Third Grade 

Upper Elementary  

  • Fourth Grade 

  • Fifth Grade 

Middle and High School Choirs  

Middle and high school choirs will mentor musicians with expertise in vocal musicianship to impact their culture for Christ. In middle and high school choirs, students build upon the skills learned previously and expand into advanced appreciation and practice of musicianship.  

The choirs perform regularly throughout the year and participate in adjudication through the ACSI Fine Arts Festival. Highly skilled vocalists may qualify for participation in regional and statewide honor choirs. Christmas and spring concerts round out the performances for middle and high school choirs.  

Middle School  

  • Sixth-Grade Choir 

  • Middle School Choir (Grades 7–8)  

High School  

  • High School Choir 

  • Honors Vocal Ensemble 

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Choir Elective Classes 

To learn more about NRCA’s choir classes, please visit the elective section in the Insider’s Guide for each division. 

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