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Academic Overview 

Academic Foundation 

North Raleigh locates our school on a map. Christian Academy pinpoints our commitment to partnering with parents to provide a rigorous academic curriculum taught from a biblical worldview across all divisions—PreK, elementary, middle, and high school.   


While new students can jump into the curriculum at any division level, NRCA has crafted a learning experience that begins in PreK and ends with students graduating to pursue post-secondary education and work experiences. Your student will find opportunities for spiritual, academic, artistic, physical, and social growth at every grade level.


Our exceptional faculty helps parents and students navigate this epic journey. Each faculty member at NRCA is ACSI-certified and completes continuing education annually to stay current on educational research and teaching trends. You can be sure that your student is getting the most relevant information presented in the most effective way. The goal of every teacher at NRCA is to help your students discover the wonder of God’s design in the world and in themselves.  

Academics by Division 

Visit the pages below to discover the details of academics at each division level.  


PreK-12th Grades

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