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Students v Staff Basketball Game

By: Taylor Mills, Shield Editor  

The annual students vs. staff basketball game was held on Monday, Nov. 13, at 7 pm. The game was between the faculty members and senior students who chose to participate. After a high-intensity game, the students ended up taking home the victory. In addition to being a fun school event, the game was a fundraiser for the high school spring mission trip to Thailand. During the game, a number of students going on the trip helped raise additional funds by managing a bake sale with a variety of snacks and drinks.  


Ethan Tisi, a player on the student team, said, “I figured since it was my senior year, I would do all the fun senior activities that there are at the school.”   


NRCA offers many fun extracurricular events for the students, especially seniors, to take part in throughout the school year. Seniors who did not play in the game came to watch and support their classmates outscore the staff team.   


“The coaches were all the varsity girl and boy basketball players. They told us where to go, who to sub in with, and what plays to run,” said Tisi  


NRCA’s varsity basketball team members were not eligible to play, but instead, they coached their peers who volunteered to represent the student body on the court, giving them strategies on how to play.  


Student Relations Director Tiffany Benson said, “I fulfilled my nickname role, which was to be the best bench warmer. I take my job very seriously, but I did get in, attempt to shoot two baskets, and make one.”  


Staff members supported each other throughout the game. Those on the bench cheered hard for the action on the court and offered encouragement from the sidelines. Support for each team was split between the supporters watching in the stands.  


“My favorite part was probably hanging out with the other ladies on the team, and on the bench, we had a good time,” Benson added.   


The students vs. staff basketball game did not emphasize who the winner was. The main goals were that everyone had an enjoyable time, no matter their roles and that the fundraiser for the mission trip was a success.   


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