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Young Varsity Girls Golf Team Exceeds Expectations

By: Ella Weathers Shield Editor

Despite new procedures added to the state tournament rules, the girls did well and qualified for the tournament. "This year, the NCISAA, our state organization, changed the criteria a little bit. The top three teams on the leaderboard after the regular season got the invitation to go to the state tournament, and then the next 24 individuals on the individual leaderboard [were invited]," Bauguess said. "So, the top three teams got the invitation, and we came in third place on the state leaderboard. In first place was Durham Academy, second place was St. Mary's, and then we came in third."  


Overall, every golfer worked hard and contributed to the team's success. Anchoring the team's performance was Annalee Caveney. "Annalee Caveney is our senior and our only senior this year. She is constantly our No. 1 player. She scored for us every single match. She was the medalist at many of our matches and just had an amazing season. Annalee finished the season with a differential that was negative, which meant that she was under par, which is remarkable. Annalee finished in the No. 2 spot in the state on the state leaderboard. She earned a spot on the all-conference team and the all-state team and just really led her team as captain," Bauguess said.   


Following Caveney as one of the top three golfers on the team was Anna Cate Badin. "Anna Cate Badin is a junior, and she's our No. 2 player who is just amazing. She improved on her last year's average. She finished as a member of the all-conference team and really did amazing and had a great junior year," Bauguess said.   


Rounding out the top three golfers was Sophia Cortez. Bauguess said, "Then we have our newcomer, Sophia Cortez. I gave her the award of Rookie of the Year because as a freshman brand new to our school, she was still our No. 3 player. She is a very solid player, young, and is still learning and will improve every year, but she really came through for us every single match."   


Each year, Bauguess has the opportunity to tailor her coaching. "I love coaching this team. In particular, I teach them situational management. I like to talk about golf course management and how to play different shots and just give them options and let them choose the way to go," Bauguess said. "I relate that to life coaching a little bit because I hope that they see me as a mentor as I coach them. Whether it's a problem on a golf course or problem in life, I just let them arrive at the decision but kind of come alongside them and help them see things in different ways. Whether it's a shot on the golf course or a situation that they're going through with their friend group or at school or whatever, I try to ultimately empower them to make the decision and take ownership of the decision."   


This season's team performance stood out. "I'm so impressed with these girls this season. I think a lot of people looking at our team saw that some of our really powerful players had graduated and moved along, but this year, we had five freshmen, one sophomore, one junior, and one senior. It was a very different dynamic this year. Those younger players, especially freshmen, really impressed me. We had a nice season and ended up placing second in the state. I think we achieved a little more than we even thought we could because it was a newer team," Bauguess said.  

This year, the girls' golf team exceeded expectations by finishing as runners-up in the state golf tournament. With many golfers returning next year, NRCA plans to continue to build the program.


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