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Powderpuff Football 2023

By: Finley Huneycutt, Shield Editor  October 2023

This year’s Powderpuff football event at North Raleigh Christian Academy took place on Saturday, Oct. 7, at Knights Stadium at 6:30 pm. The game was between the juniors and seniors. It was a cold fall evening.  

“My favorite part about Powderpuff was getting to play football with my friends,” said junior Jocelyn Biletnikoff. For juniors, Powderpuff is mainly just for fun because it takes a lot for them to win. Still, it’s just fun to hang out with friends and play a sport many like or, for some, to learn a new sport.  

“Some key events were the practices and getting to understand the plays and positions,” said Biletnikoff. There were football practices before the big game, coached by some of the varsity football players. The practices were a mix of learning about the game and learning plays while also having fun. During the time the girls were practicing football, the cheerleaders taught cheers and dances to the guys who made up the Powderpuff cheer teams. 

On Saturday night, the seniors took the lead in the first half of the game, scoring two touchdowns. The halftime show was memorable. It included a mix of many different songs, including music from BarbieTeen Beach Movie, and other movies and shows. The main theme of the halftime cheer routine was inspired by the recent live-action Barbie movie.  

The Knights of the Round Table were also announced. They included juniors Bailey Baker, Noah Laurel, Andrew Newkirk, and Micah Hartley. Seniors were Davis Wester, Gavin Galligan, Charlie Beguelin, and Harrison Walters. The king of the Knights of the Round Table was Gavin Galligan. He was surprised after hearing the news.  

During the second half of the game, the seniors scored two more touchdowns, and the juniors scored one. The game was eventful with the cheerleaders running around the field with water guns and silly string. The game ended with the seniors winning 26-6. There was an atmosphere of excitement as the seniors ran into their end zone to celebrate their victory as time ran out.  


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