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Valograms on Valentine’s

By: Finley Huneycutt Shield Editor, and Shield Staff

North Raleigh Christian Academy celebrated Valentine’s Day with the seniors handing out Valograms to students and staff. There were a few different options that friends and family could send to brighten someone’s day, including flowers, songs, and candy. During homeroom in the days leading up to Valentine’s Day, the seniors prepped for Valograms. 

“The seniors worked together so well to put the candy bags together and organize them into classes and grades. However, the best part was seeing the seniors deliver the Valograms. They’re dressed out in everything pink, red, and white and are so enthusiastic. It’s fun to watch how much fun they have and how much fun the rest of the school has as the seniors deliver candy, flowers, songs, and messages from family and friends,” said senior homeroom teacher Abbie Linton.  

Valograms brought fun and joy to all the students and teachers who participated. Elementary students enjoyed the attention the seniors gave them while delivering Valograms. The middle schoolers, on the other hand, had mixed reactions. Some of them enjoyed it, and others got embarrassed by all the attention.  

Linton recalled hearing an elementary student say, “I can’t wait until I’m a senior so I can do this,” as the seniors were leaving one classroom. “It’s a blessing to the student body for Valentine’s Day, but it also allows students a glimpse into how special senior year is,” Linton said. Every year as the tradition returns, many seniors talk about how excited they are to deliver Valograms to all their younger classmates.  

From the start of the Valograms, senior teacher and Valograms coordinator Suzanne Lyczkowski (Ms. L) encouraged the seniors to make all the students and teachers feel “Fully Known” and loved. “Fully Known” is NRCA’s annual theme. This year, enough seniors participated that almost every student had individual attention from their Valograms delivery team. Valograms are always one of the major highlights for everyone at NRCA. The day brings joy to students and staff as the seniors give them all the attention and have all the energy to make it an exciting day that everyone looks forward to. 


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