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NRCA’s Campus Life Launches Rooted Rhythms Podcast

NRCA’s first official podcast premiered on Oct. 11. Recorded during Spiritual Emphasis Week, Rooted Rhythms, Episode 1 featured a conversation between Host Josh Leonard and speaker Marquise Cox on the topic of “Truth and Love.”

Cox was NRCA’s Spiritual Emphasis Week guest speaker. He is the Young Adults Pastor at Community Bible Church in San Antonio, Texas, and speaks with Clayton King Ministries. His teaching series on “Truth and Love” appears on RightNow Media.

“We’ve gotten to hear from so many great people through places like Chapel, Parent Nights, and different events that we hold on campus, but the podcast really allows us to invest more time in those conversations,” said Leonard, who serves as NRCA’s Campus Life director. “We get to hear stories in more of an in-depth way, straight from the heart of those people. And we get to communicate those stories more broadly throughout our NRCA community. We hope that from those stories, we will be able to recognize areas in our own life where the Lord may be working or may be calling us to impact those around us.”

A typical Rooted Rhythms podcast will run about 25-30 minutes, but when recording the first episode, the conversation was so good that they kept rolling. “It was content that I felt was so valuable for our community that we decided to split it into two parts to allow our families to dive a little bit deeper,” Leonard said. Part 2 of Leonard’s conversation with Cox will go live on Oct. 20.

“Our goal for the podcast is that these brief conversations are launching points into further conversations for students and for families—around their dinner table, with their small group, within the context of their local church,” Leonard said.

As the conversation weaves its way from campus into the community, Leonard hopes to hear back from listeners. “At the end of every podcast, in the midst of the credits, we will call our listeners to reach out to us. We’d love to receive feedback and hear from not only students but parents and families.”

The podcast email address is

“Any of our listeners can reach out to that email. We’d love not only feedback on the podcast itself but also if there are questions or topics or voices that some of our listeners would love to hear,” Leonard said. Leonard hopes that listeners will feel comfortable asking questions of the podcast that they might feel a little too nervous to share out loud in a group.

Rooted Rhythms is available on Spotify, Google Podcasts, and Apple Podcasts, as well as on NRCA’s website.


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