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Our Mission Statement

North Raleigh Christian
Academy is a community
Christian school assisting
families by providing
excellence in academics,
fine arts and athletics,
while instilling Biblical
principles in students’ lives
that they might impact
their society for Christ.

Prospective Families

First Second Semester Exams

Middle School/High School

December 11, 12, 13, 14, 2017

Exam Exemptions:  To be exempt from a semester exam, the student must have an A in the class for both the 1st and 2nd nine weeks.

Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday, Thursday Exam Days:  Middle and high school students only come at the designated times of their exams.  Parents should make arrangements for arrival and departure.  Students arriving or departing other than designated exam times, must report to the cafeteria (no exceptions).  Middle or high school students with elementary siblings should go to the elementary classroom immediately following their exam, pick up their sibling, then proceed to the carline.  Middle and high school students should exit the school by 11:30 on exam days.

Dress Code as follows:


**All students (including student drivers) must remain in the exam room for the entire exam period.  Teachers should not dismiss students prior to the conclusion of the exam period.**



Tuesday, December 12

  • 8:30-9:45         2nd period exam

  • 10:00-11:15     4th period exam


Wednesday, December 13

  • 8:30-9:45        7th period exam

  • 10:00-11:15    1st period exam


Thursday, December 14

  • 8:30-9:45       3rd  period exam

  • 10:00-11:15   6th  period exam (7th & 8th)
                          5th  period exam (6th)



Monday, December 11

  • 8:55-10:10       2nd period exams  -  Proctor room C106 (Mr. Dean’s room)

Tuesday, December 12

  • 8:30-9:45         1st period exam

  • 10:00-11:15     4th period exam


Wednesday, December 13

  • 8:30-9:45        7th period exam

  • 10:00-11:15    5th period exam


Thursday, December 14

  • 8:30-9:45        6th period exam

  • 10:00-11:15    3rd period exam





  1. The rear entrance is only for student drivers and parents should use the carpool entrance in the morning and afternoon pickups.

  2. Drive the speed limit through the neighborhood.

  3. Stop at the stop sign on the corner of Thebes and Neuse Creek.

  4. Do not squeal tires at the stop sign or drive recklessly.

Congratulations to eighth-grader Ivan Tew who auditioned and was selected to participate in the 2017 North Carolina Music Educators Association Middle School Honors Chorus. This is the highest level of choral achievement for a middle school singer. Only 144 singers were selected for this year's group, with many hundreds more auditioning from around the state. This is Ivan's second year being selected to participate.

Tew will gather with the other selected singers during the NCMEA Conference in Winston-Salem in November to work with guest conductor Dr. Jonathan Palant, from the University of Texas at Dallas. They will present a final concert at the Stevens Center in Winston-Salem to culminate the event.

Congratulations to fifth-graders Dallas Bell, Hannah Miller and Kelsey Pizzino, who auditioned and were selected as members of the 2017 North Carolina Music Educators Association Elementary Honors Chorus. Approximately 220 students were chosen for this state-level honors chorus, with many hundreds more auditioning. This is the first year that NRCA has had three delegates selected to participate.

Bell, Miller and Pizzino will gather with the other participants during the NCMEA Conference in Winston-Salem in November to work with guest conductor Elizabeth Hogan McFarland, from the University of Missouri. The honors chorus will present a final concert at the Stevens Center in Winston-Salem to culminate the event. 

We have partnered with NC for Puerto Rico, an organization working to provide disaster relief aid to those devastated by Hurricane Maria. Through your generous contribution, and the kindness and hard work of the NRCA student body, we were able to deliver a full truckload of supplies to the NC for Puerto Rico warehouse, where it was itemized and shipped to Puerto Rico.  These supplies will then be distributed throughout the hardest hit areas of the island and various municipalities.

I am so thankful for your prayers and kind words of encouragement. I am truly blessed that I am part of such a faithful community of believers. Your willingness to be the hands and feet of God was evident. I am overwhelmed by such an outpouring of your generosity in helping all those affected by the hurricane.

It is because of your generosity many people will be blessed and helped with the necessary basic supplies. Again, many thanks for your support. It means the world to my family and the people in PR who will be blessed through your donations.

In Christ,
Mrs. Wendy Molina & Family

Revised Carline

Dear Parents,

Two Things:

  1. Safety and Procedure
  2. Proposed Two-Lanes versus Three-Lanes Unloading

First, let me thank you for your patience in the morning and afternoon carlines. Please know that NRCA always seeks safety first. I know you appreciate the officers who control the traffic each day. NRCA assumes the costs to hire them so we know that everyone can arrive and depart safely. To ensure safety for all, we request that you assist us by the following:

  1. When you turn into the carpool entrance, please stay in the right lane coming from 401 and the left lane coming from Capital until you are past the soccer field. This is so we can move cars from 401 and Capital onto the property at the same time. Many times, cars from 401 are moving over into the left lane upon entrance and it does not allow the cars from Capital to turn in.

  2. Please unload at the designated areas.

  3. Please watch your speed particularly around curves and buildings.

  4. Please abide by the directions given by staff at crosswalks and unloading areas.

  5. Please do not get out of your car. This will expedite departures.

  6. Please have your children ready as you approach the unloading area (shoes on, book bags ready, breakfast eaten, kisses, etc.

Second, last week, we have Mr. Picard do analysis of carline for the morning drop-off. Our goal was to evaluate what we might do to speed up the process. As to the proposal: It has been recommended that we go to two lines instead of three in the unloading area. We will lengthen the two unloading lines. Both lines 1 and 2 will stop at the end of the canopy nearest the exit. Lane 3 will be coned so that it is a more natural merge into Lane 2. The diagram is below and is also on our website, www.nrcaknights.com.

The research showed we have 12 cars on average in line 1 and 8 cars in line 2, and 8 cars in line 3. It took about 2 minutes 20 seconds to unload all three lanes. If we lenghten lane 2 and remove lane 3, we can put 13 cars in both lane 1 and 2, just two less cars than with 3 lanes but unload 30 seconds quicker. We are going to try it for two weeks. Again, please be patient as we seek to make this work.

New Traffic Pattern MAP

To God be the Glory!

Yours for Kingdom education,

Dr. S.L. Sherrill


The varsity boys soccer team, defending NCISAA State Champions, moved into the No.1 spot in the PrepsNow 20-county area rankings this week. Varsity volleyball remained No. 1 in PrepsNow rankings this week. 

Click the links below to see the News and Observer's coverage of the rankings.


NRCA's varsity volleyball team captured the No. 1 spot in the PrepsNow preseason area rankings. Click the link below to see the full list published in the News & Observer.

The Great American Eclipse drew hundreds of middle and high school students to the NRCA soccer and football fields on Monday, August 21, for a solar eclipse viewing party. 

The NRCA Science Department orchestrated the event and provided students and faculty with special eclipse glasses to prevent eye damage. “We bought 950 pairs of glasses in June for the middle and high school students, and then 600 in August for elementary students,” said Cindy McInnis, head of the high school Science Department.

Elementary students were given their glasses and dismissed early so they could safely enjoy the eclipse at home with their families. Middle and high school students watched the eclipse during seventh period and saw it reach its maximum of 94 percent at 2:44.

This is the first time NRCA has hosted such an event. “A solar eclipse happens every year or two, but one has not gone completely across the continental United States like this in a really long time, which is why this event has been so celebrated,” said Suzanne Lyczkowski, AP Psychology teacher and Yearbook adviser at NRCA.

The eclipse was a unique experience for students and teachers. “I loved the whole experience of viewing the once-in-a-lifetime eclipse of 2017 and was glad I got to share it with my friends,” freshman Emily McAteer said.

The next total eclipse to cross the United States is in the spring of 2024.


By: Julianna Fischer, Senior Editor


First meeting: September 6

Mothers around the world come together to passionately pray before God for the lives of their children. Imagine the impact of God answering prayers for a generation of children throughout the world. We have a Moms in Prayer group here at NRCA. Join us at our weekly prayer time for our children and school each Wednesday from 8-9am in E-118 (located near the cafeteria). Contact Leigh Berrier (919-556-2321 or cberrier002@nc.rr.com) for more information.

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See what NRCA OFFERS in this new promotional video. 
The God-Story Journey continues, "To God be the Glory!"


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